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Teen Feminist Podcast Steps Up To The Mic

From feminism to Black Lives Matter, the Teen Feminist Podcast is helping facilitate dialogue about the issues that we care about in a fun, non-confrontational way. We spoke to Sharjah, the founder of T.F.P., about why she decided to start it, and more.

It is great to have the opportunity to speak with you. Can you begin by telling us what Teen Feminist Podcast is and why you decided to start it?

The Teen Feminist Podcast is a podcast that I started about a year ago to raise awareness about social justice issues from the past, present, and even what might come about in the future. It’s my way of shedding light on important topics that I believe our generation needs to know. The podcast has had over 20,000 listeners in the last year, and a couple of thousand on our socials, which I’m really proud of.

For a lot of people born before our generation, feminism was a concept that was difficult to warm to. Why do you think that’s the case? And what do you think has changed?

I think earlier generations weren’t as informed about the kinds of changes that were possible, and they didn’t have a clear understanding of how to bring about those changes. Our generation, on the other hand, is really clear about who we are and where we want to go: specifically, in regards to politics. I think the advent of the internet has also allowed us to raise a lot of important issues, which in turn has led to a greater exchanging of opinions, which is a key part of feminism.

To follow up on the last question, do you think that the misconceptions that still surround feminism can effectively be debunked in our lifetimes?

I think that it’s a difficult goal to achieve because so many people still think of feminism as “only for women” or “anti-men,” when that isn’t the case. But yes, I believe that if we can change the way feminism is portrayed in the media, then the misconceptions surrounding it will dissipate.

For those who haven't had a chance to tune in to the Teen Feminist Podcast, tell us a little bit about your favourite episode?

My favourite episodes are the ones where I get to share my experiences, and I’ve found that they’re the most relatable episodes for our teen audience. For example, I’ve talked about pronouns, my experiences with microaggressions, and the reality of being mixed-race in America.

If you could invite anyone to appear on your podcast who would it be?

I think it would have to be A.O.C. (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez) as she is someone that I would love to grow up to be like. It’s crazy to think about how much of an impact she’s had since becoming a Congresswoman. If A.O.C. ever happens to read this, just know that I love you and thank you immensely for inspiring me to want to create change!

Finally, how can our readers listen to and support the Teen Feminist Podcast?

You can listen to the podcast on any streaming platform like Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Also, by clicking the link in our Instagram bio and here.

You can also search for us on Google by just typing in Teen Feminist Podcast.

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