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Here are some great resources on how to get active

Want to know the A-Z of how to start an activism group in your school, community or country?

UNICEF Ireland has an amazing toolkit just for that! Check it out by clicking on the URL below!

UNICEF Ireland

Level Forward

Divided into seven easy-to-understand sections, this youth activism resource covers everything from protest tactics to the importance of self-care and more in relation to advocacy!

Amnesty UK

Amnesty has been
fighting the bad guys since 1961, and this
guide is for any eager
and enthusiastic teen
who wants to do the same! Starting an Amnesty Int’l group in your local community has never been easier!

March for Our Lives

Created, inspired and led
by students across the U.S., March for Our Lives has blossomed into an international movement dedicated to stopping gun violence. Want to join the cause? Read this how-to guide to learn more about how you can show up for victims of gun violence everywhere and anywhere! 

Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide has been a champion of defending and protecting human rights in the most economically deprived countries for over 50 years. Their Everyday Activism handbook provides you with the necessary resources to begin your own activist journey!


Environmental activism has never looked so organized with Greenpeace’s brilliantly structured and clearly outlined activism resources! From volunteer blogging to the necessary dos-and-don’ts of civil disobedience, this guide is perfect for anyone interested in getting involved in either environmental or social activism at the local level!


With veganism on the rise, now is the perfect time to get involved with animal rights activism, and PETA has you covered! Check out their super-useful guide and educational resources to empower yourself to be the best animal-defending superhero you can be!

Plan International

Is womens’ rights and feminism your buzz? Click on the link below and prepare to be motivated to act on behalf of girls around the world!

Be tomorrow’s leader.


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