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This is our story . . .

Youth for Positive Change (YPC) began on Instagram in 2019. It started with the simple idea of sharing and celebrating positive news stories about the impact young people were having in their communities and the larger world.


After overwhelmingly positive feedback, YPC has created this website to act as both a resource-hub AND dynamic space for kids and teens to share their stories, get inspired and, most importantly, get active!

this is what motivates us . . .

we believe young people deserve a seat at the table.

The voices of young people are often excluded from conversations about the issues that affect them most. YPC aims to remedy this by creating a forum where young people can speak up and be heard.


we believe good news has
the power to inspire.

There are so many positive things young people are doing in their local communities and the wider world. The problem is we don’t hear about them. YPC aims to change that by recognizing and celebrating all the great things kids are doing around the world.

we believe that together we can help rewrite the script.

Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. At YPC, we are dedicated to giving young people the tools and resources they need to bring about positive change.


Be tomorrow’s leader.


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