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Joshua Gamilla on his org. Tree of Justice and the importance of youth leadership opportunities

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Joshua Gamilla

Joshua Gamilla and his organization Tree of Justice are providing youth with leadership opportunities to create long-lasting social change in their communities.

The Tree of Justice was founded by Joshua Gamilla, a 17 year old student from Pickering, Ontario. The Tree of Justice is a youth-run organization that is on a mission to unite youth by nurturing their growth into the leaders of tomorrow. The Tree of Justice aims to achieve this through strengthening young people’s characters and encouraging fellowship. The Tree of Justice hopes to give youth a voice in social activism and bringing more awareness to issues being faced in today’s society. Both Joshua and his organization believe it is vital that the youth of today become active in social change, because, as the future lawmakers and changemakers, they will be the ones to right the wrongs of past generations. The Tree of Justice’s focus is helping those in need, no matter their life circumstances. Their initiatives cover a wide range of social issues which aim to educate, spread awareness, promote justice, and take action to put a stop to the injustices faced worldwide by so many globally.


The Tree of Justice was officially formed near the end of January 2020. After partnering with local food banks, the Tree of Justice was able to help over 200 homeless people get access to food, distributing so-called blessing bags filled with socks, gloves and self care products. The Tree of Justice team were excited to continue with their work, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all physical events had to be cancelled. But that didn’t stop the team from being leaders in their community.

Through donations, partnerships and collaborations, Joshua and his team were able to give out over 300 care packages between May 3rd- May 16th. Each care package contained fresh produce, canned food, clothing, baby diapers, baby formula and food, stuffed animals, art supplies, mask, gloves and feminine care products. Joshua was able to help over 300 Ontario residents and families through their time of trouble. During the month of May, the Tree of Justice also took part in an amazing initiative with 20 other organizations called International Period Month. The Tree of Justice and Period Ontario were able to distribute more than 1000+ feminine care products throughout Ontario to those who weren’t able to afford pads and tampons because of Covid-19. In just one month, the Tree of Justice were able and continue to serve more than 350 families and individuals across Ontario.

The Tree of Justice currently has 5 amazing programs that focus on different social causes such as international relief, poverty and homelessness awareness, environmental issues, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial discrimination. They are also starting another program called The End to Human Trafficking Coalition which focuses on educating others about human trafficking by connecting with survivors. You can always learn more about the Tree of Justice by taking at look at their Instagram @treeofjusticecanada or by heading over to their website,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joshua Gamilla is a seventeen-year-old social justice advocate, whose passion for advocacy began at a young age, when he began volunteering at orgs such as Worldvision and Make-A-Wish Canada. After deciding he wanted to have more of an impact in the world of youth leadership, Joshua decided to create the Tree of Justice.

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