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Interview: Sarrah and Mandira of the What We Think Podcast on All Things Gen-Z

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Youth for Positive Change spoke to Sarrah and Mandira of the What We Think podcast about Gen-Z, podcasting and the importance of dialogue.

Sarrah and Mandira are two high schoolers passionate about amplifying the voices of Gen-Z. Their podcast, What We Think, presents an unfiltered view of all things teen: from serious issues like climate change to light-hearted topics, such as TikTok . Hey Sarrah and Mandira! Could you begin by telling us a little bit about yourselves and your podcast? Yes, definitely. Our podcast is hosted by my friend Mandira and I. Both of us are incoming juniors in Seattle, Washington! Mandira is heavily involved in sustainability efforts and I’m passionate about social issues. We both met in Speech and Debate club and, after bonding over our shared passion for youth activism, we started What We Think. Each episode highlights two topics: one that is a bit heavier, such as a discussion of a political or social movement, and one that is more light-hearted, such as a new trend or a pop culture phenomenon. What or who was the inspiration for your podcast? We both LOVE podcasts! But what we noticed was that they weren’t being made by or for people like us: teens, or more specifically, teenage girls. We understood the significance of having a platform to give a voice to our generation on what matters to us, or at least a platform that gave a voice to two teenage girls like ourselves. The podcast was created with this in mind and and it’s really blossomed into a place where people can be educated on different topics and opinions while maintaining a light-hearted and entertaining feel! Why do you think it's important for us to have conversations about the issues facing us today? Many current events impact more than just the voting population or the people reporting the news. It's vital that we don't just sit back and allow others to speak and decide for us, but rather we stand up and create the community that we want to live in. Through raw conversations about different events or topics that affect us, we try to be an active part of the solution by showing the world what we think. Have your views on pop culture and politics expanded since starting the podcast? Absolutely! One of the series we do on our podcast is called Let's Talk. This series focuses on controversial topics and different opinions on the subject at hand. One of the goals of the series is to promote civil conversations with people who may not necessarily agree with you. It's definitely opened our minds and reminded us not to jump to conclusions about anything or anyone. Aside from that, our new Instagram campaigns have pushed us to keep up with current events. This has definitely made us more aware of different issues in the world that we may not have kept up with before, and has made us more understanding and open to change and growth!  Finally, how can those interested listen and get involved with the What We Think podcast? One of the best ways to support us is to listen to our podcast, where we post new episodes every Wednesday! They're available on almost all streaming platforms (Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, and RadioPublic). You can either click the link in our Instagram bio @whatwethinkpodcast or just search up "What We Think with Sarrah and Mandira" on any of the platforms listed above to listen to our episodes! We also have a very active Instagram presence, where we post about pop culture and political news every week along with recommendations for fashion, tv, and food, so you can follow us there too. Finally, if you want to be featured on our podcast or have a topic you want to discuss, you can dm us on Instagram or email us at


Sarrah and Mandira are both high school juniors from Seattle, Washington. Sarrah is passionate about politics and social activism and Mandira loves sustainability and keeping up with pop culture. They wanted to show the world that even though our generation is young, we’re invested in our future and want to be part of the global discussion.

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